Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twitter Popularity

Today, twitter is debatably the most relevant website. Millions of Twitter users log on a daily basis. Then go ask your self; what is all the publicity about? Why has this apparently incredible simple website taken the internet by storm? What is so tempting about Twitter?

In a nutshell, the beauty of Twitter lies both in its simplicity and its plea to a variety of different audiences. In addition, it has been helped along by a number of famous sponsors. Below are some of the key reasons that Twitter has become and remained so successful.

1. Twitter is a common occurrence that has soaked for every level of the world’s landscape. Entertainers, stars, politicians, businessmen, factory workers, students, and stay-at-home moms all enjoy using Twitter. The variety of people using Twitter is amazing; it has become a wonderful way for people from different walks of life to connect.

2. Twitter has been recognized by major stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Jones, and many other high profile celebrities. Even politicians have joined the movement. Twitter has helped the general public feel more connected to these icons and in doing so, has become the medium by which the gaps in world communication seem to have miraculously been narrowed.

3. As a whole, Twitter has infused the media. When Twitter crashed on August 6th, 2009, it made the nightly news on ABC. There aren't many websites that would receive national media attention if they stopped working for a few hours. Somehow, some way, Twitter has become an aspect of everyday life.

4. Twitter has turn out to be an innovator in terms of marketing and advertising. Products and services are promoting using Twitter. It has become the internet equivalent of the television commercial, without the cost.

5. Twitter appeals to the speed of today. People to any further want to sit down, write blogs, and they don't want to read long write-ups either. The 140 character limits on Twitter certify that you are concise in your writing. It also makes for easy reading and information that is broken down into easily edible morsel.

Time will tell what the future hold for Twitter. Is it a fashion that will pass away soon or will it be used gradually for marketing or will social networking take over? As of now, there is no sign of the Twitter prodigy stopping, so you might as well jump on board.